No more anomalies

The impression and message of a 25 square metre trade show booth in Beijing needs to spotlight a brand just as successfully as a 500 square metre showroom in Paris.

A uniform appearance is vital – especially for global corporations – but realising it can be difficult if responsibility for brand identity is shared by several employees and service providers.

At TULP, we create Corporate Design Manuals that offer guidance for people with brand responsibilities. From trade show booths and showrooms to offices, our manuals explain the background, function, design and rules by which our customer’s brand space works. Issues, concepts, design features and adaptation options are presented through practical examples for any size of space and budget. For employees and service providers with brand responsibilities, our manuals provide step-by-step guidance, telling them everything they need to know about how to present their brand.

In addition, our Corporate Design Manuals give readers a fundamental understanding and awareness of brand communications, addressing issues such as where their company stands, what attitude underpins its brand and how to communicate with target audiences.