Creating tension
between old and new:
historic building meets modern design

The offices of the Bloom advertising agency are located in a typical historic Munich building. When redesigning the interior, we wanted to preserve the splendour of the old architecture and link its historic fabric to a modern-day, functional design. We began by asking ourselves how the people at Bloom actually work – because the idea of the classic nine-to-five job that needs just a desk, a chair and a computer could hardly be further from the realities of work in an agency like this. At Bloom, a mix of spaces for “living” and “inspiration” creates exactly the kind of atmosphere people need in order to work creatively. The Bloom Lounge, for example, was designed as a space not only for working but also for relaxing, playing, thinking, eating and sleeping. We also noticed that Bloom employees often get together for spontaneous project meetings, and so we designed and laid out their desks so that small teams can gather around them at any time.

One of the special stories behind Bloom is that it has its very own archive of historic press photos. We thought it was a terrible waste to keep the pictures filed away in boxes until the next exhibition, so we integrated them into the office design. Each employee now has their own strip of self-made wallpaper which they can decorate with the press photos they like most. The archive also has a presence at the conference table, where hundreds of backlit slides form a pixel-like artwork. The images include Lady Diana on horseback, Depeche Mode in 1980s London and pinups from the 70s.

The new offices speak about who Bloom are and what they stand for. They are Bloom in 3D.