Tough competition, increasingly complex customer requirements, new technologies and changes to the management: companies change at every level. Permanently. Be it an authentic new image or a fundamental shift in business focus, change is always an opportunity to re-position a business in the market and develop its corporate goals. Managing change successfully requires a clear, consistent strategy. At TULP, we support companies on this journey by turning their strategies into their visuals.

Take Desso, the Dutch carpet producer:

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In a bid to adapt to changing markets, the Dutch carpet producer Desso opened up to a new target group: innovative architects and designers.

Previously Desso’s image had been relatively conservative, but for the Interieur trade show in Belgium, TULP came up with a new, design-focused look. We had the idea of turning the product itself into an architecture – and ended up successfully attracted exactly the attention Desso had been craving. Our booth won numerous design awards, and the press coverage that followed brought the company’s product firmly into the consciousness of the new target group.

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Two years later Desso set out to become the global market leader for eco-friendly floorings. Sustainability is an issue that had long been close to the company’s heart, and the time had come to realise it by integrating it into production and communicating the fact in public. Desso’s approach is centred on the “cradle to cradle” principle, with nature setting an example for production to follow. Every raw material and every bit of energy used is returned to a closed, infinite loop. It’s a set of requirements that is met in full by Desso EcoBase, the first carpet backing in the world to do so.

To convey the company’s closed-loop, cradle-to-cradle philosophy, TULP created a trade show booth that was inspired by M. C. Escher’s impossible staircase. Once again the product made up the architecture, this time, however, with a twist: the first thing visitors saw was the dark underside of the carpet, the innovation that was the focus of the presentation. Not until they reached the interior of the booth did the colourful Desso carpet collection finally come into view. The booth once again scooped a number of significant design awards.