How do
trade show

Linde is the largest gas and engineering company in the world. But at trade shows it wants to appear as anything but an unapproachable global operation. Instead, Linde wants to be on a level with its customers, so TULP set about considering how best to approach them.

Our solution was to create a designated space for communicating. We opened up the centre of the trade show booth and placed what we called the Linde Workbench right in the middle of it. Integrated into the bench were all the items representatives would need for successful customer consultations, from refreshments and multimedia presentation equipment to actual workpieces. Linde staff working at the booth had swift, simple access to everything they required, and the Workbench became the ideal tool for intensive, informative discussions.

The new communication concept was rounded off by Linde trainees – young, upcoming specialists in various fields who were keen to share what they knew with visitors to the booth.

Welding the World.


When it comes to processing metals, Linde has a comprehensive portfolio of skills, which it was keen to showcase at the SCHWEISSEN und SCHNEIDEN trade show for joining and cutting. Presenting such highly technical content at a trade show is complex, however, so an overarching brand story was the solution of choice to spotlight products and skills simply and clearly.

With its expertise in technologies and inert gases, Linde promises customers that it can process the most diverse range of metals from all over the world. The motto “Welding the World. Together” was the test for their promise and expressed through the central exhibit and key visual for the Linde booth: a large-scale, welded map of the world. To create it, every Linde division involved had to sign up to a genuine collaborative effort, pooling every one of their skills to form the piece, from cutting, lasering and welding to surface processing and enhancing, and specialist use of materials.